Printing technology


In our production, we mainly use the DTG (Direct To Garment) method. With this, the motif is 
printed directly on to the garment with selected textile colors. You get the same soft effect as with screen printing, but with the richness of detail from digital printing. 
The process and the colors used are certified according to STANDARD 100 
by OEKO-TEX class 1.
The certification means that the textile in the finished product is free of unhealthy 
chemicals even after printing. This printing method is the latest on the market and is 
also the printing alternative that is most gentle on the environment today.


We use this printing method when it comes to printing on products with zippers and other irregularities. With this printing method, the process is facilitated and the effect on the 
garment we print is alleviated. Transfer printing is also an excellent 
method when printing on polyester garments. Just like our DTG print, the transfer we use is 
certified according to STANDARD 100 by 
OEKO-TEX class 1.
EMBROIDERY (Direct embroidery-Sustainable marking)
On some products we use so-called direct embroidery. This is a classic labeling method 
where you embroider directly on the product. The result is many times that 
you enhance the overall impression and make it feel a little extra luxurious. 
Embroidery is a craft that places high demands on the person who embroiders. 
Setting of the machine, the choice of needles, threads, stabilizing material / backing, 
framing technique and sense of craftsmanship greatly affect the end result. 
Our subcontractors have worked with 
direct embroidery for almost 30 years, which guarantees good quality.